CedarLukeArts in the Space

“I have always wanted a space that has a chamber hall acoustic with an intimate, relaxed feel for local music enthusiasts. Who knew I would find the space at an old reconverted printing company. The space has an urban feel yet possesses a very beautiful warm resonance.

Being a professional musician as well as an avid photographer, I have seen the art scene change. Overall, live, paying gigs are diminishing with the lack of music education and funding, which has been a very big concern for me. That is why this space, CedarLukeArts, is so important and essential. My vision for the space is to hold 45 minute- to an hour-long acoustical music, lecture, meditation and discussion gatherings. I want the music to range in style and appeal and the age of attendees to range from youngsters to the youngsters at heart! I welcome all levels of expertise, and I also hope the space can be used for solace and comfort.

I have included my artwork, which will include projects ranging in cost from a greeting card to an autographed double metal float, as available to buy in the space. All pictures are my own and the majority are taken in Cedar Falls, Iowa. The artwork is produced by local company, and the clothing line is manufactured by San Francisco-based Vida, which empowers and educates its workers in foreign impoverished lands. Each piece of clothing is hand-produced and takes between four to six weeks to receive. I will have it available directly from CedarLukeArts, and you may also purchase online as well at: https://shopvida.com/search?x=17&y=19&q=margaret+cornils+luke

I intend to record our live acoustical concerts here off a feed from Facebook, so people from all over the world can join in our celebration! The reason for the shorter concert is my goal to bring in a new kind of music patron, one that does not want to sit for two and a half hours and one that does not want to pay high prices for a seat. We will comfortably be able to seat between 75 to 100 people and we will never charge more than $25 for a music event. We are looking to team up with local establishments so we can bring you special musical and lecture guests from all over. I am expecting this space to morph into a new vision, and I ask you to be part of this movement!”

-Margaret Cornils Luke, owner/founder, CedarLukeArts

CedarLukeArts Grand Opening

When: Sunday, March 26, 2017 from 1-5 p.m.

Where: 115 East 4th St., Ste. 102, Cedar Falls, IA (across from Maid Rite)

What: free food and drinks, door prizes, special musical guests, the story of CedarLukeArts, and exclusive artwork available only through CedarLukeArts.