CedarLukeArts Gallery

“It all began on the west branch of the Cedar River north of Cedar Falls, Iowa, when Margaret and Jack Luke purchased some land and a house. The rest is history. To expand and explore the vibrant, engaging CedarLukesArt Gallery, click on an image below.”

“All pictures are my own and the majority are taken in Cedar Falls, Iowa. They are produced by a local Cedar Falls company and are available for purchase directly from CedarLukeArts and will be available to purchase soon on this website.

This artwork is also featured on our clothing line, which is manufactured by San Francisco-based Vida, which empowers and educates its workers in foreign impoverished lands. Each piece of clothing is hand-produced and takes between four to six weeks to receive. I will have it available directly from CedarLukeArts, and you may also purchase online as well at:

https://shopvida.com/search?x=17&y=19&q=margaret+cornils+luke “

                -Margaret Cornils Luke, owner/founder, CedarLukeArts